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Light On Technology is an innovative high-tech company, focusing on manufacturing, marketing and R&D of LED light sources and product application. It is dedicated to providing customers with professional service and high-quality products. Light On Technology is located in Shenzhen China, with convenient transportation and fast information. The core team have been engaged in R&D, manufacturing, marketing of LED industry for more than 10 years, and they have a deep understanding of LED packaging, photoelectric performance, product certification, structure design, the market and etc.


The general manager, who graduated from a first class domestic university, has been engaged in the LED industry for 12 years. He is proficient in LED chips, spectrum research and packaging, and has served as the head of R&D in a listed company for many years. Since he ever worked for SMALITE Technology (later HONGLITRONIC) in 2008, responsible for R&D of LED package and LED EMC fixture. The EMC fixture which he was independently responsible for helped the company to obtain the opportunity to cooperate with Nichia, and because of this, the turnover performance increased by 200-300% year by year , And finally successfully became listed in a publish company in China.

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Technology plenus paro of De luce habetDUXERIT lux germinentur testing and manufacturing equipments , such as: 2-meter integrating sphere, PPFD tester, PAR portable tester etc.

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