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In anno quo statutum erat turba tuorum! Quot sunt quotque aeras servile non operuerit eam?

2019. De lux in Shenzhen Technology Company erat statutum est summus tech coeptis integrating R & D, productio et Sales. Hoc solebat esse in comitatu focusing DUXERIT lucernam packaging et consilio, cum super X annos experientia in industria. Current et non factor area MM quadratum metris.

Quod sint praecipui fructus vester? Quod sunt commoda pelagus uber?

Light On Technology mainly supplys LED grow light and LED COB strip light. All of our products are designed with privite moulding, which are highly recongnized and of high quality in the market. This greatly helps you build your own brand. Products with competitive price are also available.

What are the advantages of your company? (Which part is the most powerful), please list.

I) quod instauratores illorum semper coram omnibus laboravi quasi director de rearch and development, ipsum album per publicam bene notum ad societates in X annis. Quoniam sensu et coluerunt, adiuvat operationem, et de stricte qualitas postulationem habitus. Technology congressus lux de internationally cognoscitur qualis est ISO vexillum et credit in firstâ
II) Nos private consilio ad incumbo plus competitive potentia productum.
3) We focus much on product innovation and keep pace with market development.
IV) High urgents flexibilitate pro quibusdam casibus. Most agentibus solution et firmamentum praeberi potest intra brevissimum tempus.
5) High quality and sound supply chain with excellect cost control

Quod maxime products sunt regiones ad vendidit: et quod proximus sit pro portione iniungi? Quid tua productum foro servent?

60% of our products are exported to America, and 30% to America. For other markets, it accounts for nearly 10%.

Quam multa sunt in MMXX turnover est et quid est esse aestimatum est in MMXXI?

USD annui fere turnover de 1.5 million in quod 2020. In hoc anno incrementum rate de C% de turnover et aestimatur 3millions USD.

Relative novum turma vultus tui et operarios conductos sunt etiam infantulus. Tu autem experientiae defectum?

In order to expand our production scale, we just moved here and our factory was re-decorated last year. So it looks new.We hope to bring our customers a better experience feeling, and also we want to provide our staffs with a comfortable working environment. LED industry is an emerging and relatively young industry,just like our staffs. They are energetic, passionate, smart,well-educated and willing to learn new things.

How many sales staffs do you have? Is the business segmented by market?

Normally 10 salesmen. They are assigned to two teams by geographical market. Team for America and Team for Europe. We're glad to share the latest news with our customers and grow strong together in the market.

Quod ad US foro belli crescere DUXERIT lux in MMXXI

Nos tibi magis auget Americae in foro investment huius anni, ut: ut rationem et maybe CELLA in La Florida, et postea in Chicago, quia citius et melius partus ministerium. Quid opus est ut in unaquaque re publica magno comitatu win-vincere cooperation.We'll offer habere profunda perussi products optimum in his societatibus, et quoque adepto an ex Asist inovative partum et res de sua copia nostri facotry ad augendae et torquem ability.We et receperint OEM ODM.

For the LED grow light, how many customers does you have in the United States, and which major customers do you mainly cooperate with?

DUXERIT luminaria in nos abunde iam crescere super XX eget adipiscing Americae only.We've signati NDA (Non disclosure pactum) cum illis, et non nobis quicquid sexus est eorum excusatio pis hic scribe. Promitto te et custodiat nos et nos omnes aliquando habemus in notitia honorem adipiscitur missio ad te.

Potest autem Exclusives nostrum da nobis in hoc area? Quid enim opus est?

Yes we are willing to give the Exclusives to our customer in some regions.Of cause, there would be a quantity requirement each month or year.May I kindly know your quantity demanded each month now? where's your marketing channel? Or do you have other exclusives to LED panel light or other products from some factories before?

What business type do your customers belong to for the LED grow lights?

Our LED grow light can be applied in homes, indoor farms, and outdoor greenhouses. Therefore, our customers include cannabis farm growers and home growers. At the same time, we also have long-term cooperation relationships with local lighting distributors and contractors.

Adtende tibi et ad spectaculum U.S? quid enim?

For LED grow light and cannabis related products, we often attend CWCB Expo in the United State. For LED strip light, the Guangzhou International lighting exhibition and Hongkong Lighting Fair is our first choice.

Could you introduce the procedure of how to multilist UL and DLC and the cost?

UL Multilisting: 1-2 weeks
1) fill in the ML request form
II) Mitte ad Ul forma Lab
3) receive the GAS and L14 agreements from UL, and answer the related questions.
4) Sign the agreements back and answer the questions
V) ad responsum ab Ul Get
H multilisting: III weeks aut
I) Ask customers ad replete in Trademark Epistula LICENTIA praebere speciem et (Operam data est, nulla in ea H ostensum est)
II) subcriptio Customers non requiritur ad rationem aliquam, si non habeat rationem H.
III) Submit omnes informationes onto rutrum.
IV) H cautionem a te edita sit, redde illum customers.
V) tollet III weeks ad H audit.

What is your product strategy for 2021?

Semper in nobis crescere faciam DUXERIT luminaria et etiam quo conflatur. Nos es trying ut de ducens in productum progressionem vicisset, proventus nos Tantum valet, amplio PPFD in uniformitatem motuum, tum in productum sumptus est princeps perficientur.

How much does a sample LED grow light cost? What is the lead time for samples? Can we provide free supplies if we ship the freight?

Quoniam nova amet, ut sumeret eam ad II weeks consummare; pro iusto amet, una sabbatorum Northmanni. Scio enim habes, ut ostendam in libero sample test tua et ostendam clients ut vestri?

What power supply does your company use?

Secundum Lorem requisita, non ad eius, et qualis vita span productum, et sicut vox victualia eligere internationally nominati Meanwell, Inventronics et Sosen.

DUXERIT lux principium quod te capere?

Secundum Lorem requisita, ut plerumque utitur LEDs Samsung et Osram. Simul nos et Taiwan Epistar eu usu.

How many QAs does your company have, and are the finished products fully inspected or randomly inspected?

At present, there are 10 quality control personnels in the company, who are responsible for incoming material inspection, process inspection, full inspection of finished products before packaging, and random inspection of products after packaging.

How many aging hours do you often have?

IV horas Northmanni

Quod officinam FTT tuorum?


LENIMENTUM cum productio vexillum habetis?

Ita, ut per se producendum incrementum dat DUXERIT luminaria luminare nostrum secundum LENIMENTUM

Quousque tibi praestat? Quid faciam si non est deficiens productum?

According to different products, we provide different warranty periods. For LED plant lights, we usually provide a warranty of 3-5 years. If there's any defectives, we'd replace it in the next orders.

Do your LED grow light have ETL certification?

Yes, our LED grow lights are ETL, CETL, CE, ROHS listed.

Comitatu tuo mercedem accipit et OA? Eg LX diebus, XC dies, CXX diebus

We usually only accept T/T and pay the full payment before shipment. For long-term customers, we can accept 30% before shipment and 70% need to pay within 60 days after shipment, which is underwritten by CITIC Insurance.

How many 600W LED grow lights are in a 40HQ container? Is your packaging strong enough in case of shipping damage?

Nos non fieri satis firm est a in packaging et stilla test. XL continentis est plerumque HQ potest crescere DUXERIT luminaria 600W load 800pcs.

Quod est quantitas postulationem minimam ut mos est packaging?

Nos mos packaging eget CC pro PCs.

Non est enim vestra comitatu R & ds quot et quod genus simpliciter non habent?

We currently have 5 R&D personnel, all of whom have more than 10 years of working experience in LED related industries.

Hoc Quousque develop vestri comitatu novum productum?

Secundum ad difficultatem uber, plerumque ad plant DUXERIT luminaria, sit nostrum development cycle circa II mensibus.

Pecuniam reddere tibi trado tibi et non est alius elit?

Diu terminus cooperante, quia nostrum customers: nos sumus volens auxilium. Autem, Sinis scriptor financial consilium considerantes, quantum possumus accipere id magna.

EGO can partum a ceteris bona elit ut vestri officina? Et in unum load?

Yes, we can.

Ubi derelinquetis gloriam vestram ut vestri officina, fons, et festus dies festos?

We usually have one week before and after the Spring Festival as the holiday time, but for any business inquiry, you can always consult our sales staff any time.

Nisi aliquam possum buy parce partes e vobis?

Ita et nos cooperante customers.

Can you send your productsto my warehouse in guangzhou?

Nos plerumque facere MALITIA Shenzhen, potest eripere nos ad in Guangzhou CELLA secundum Lorem requisita, non indiget nisi ut feugiat pretium est elit.

Quam operor vos cum stipant products?

We use sponge, inner box and outer box and corner protector to protect the led grow light.

Ad excogitandum products potest non secundum merita nostra magnitudo?

Yes, we welcome OEM and ODM.

Tu autem in aliquo agente Americae?

Non. Item erant 'vultus parumper fortis particeps esse regionem nostram in agente, sicut vobis.

Ne quis vos have realis project in imaginibus products?

For prospective customers, we can provide some project pictures.

How far is your factory from the city hotel?

It's only 10-minute drive from our company to the star ranked hotels.

Quam longe est a aeroportus officinas?

It's about 30-minute drive from our company to Baoan international airport.

Ubi officinas illi?

We're located in Shiyan Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen City.

Institutionem professional manuale scripsimus vobis?


Altera si gratum est?


MOQ Quod est opus tuum?

Diversas habent diversas MOQ products. Nam levis ducitur incrementum dat, nisi ad MOQ II PCs.

Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

We are a serious manufacturer.

How long is your delivery time?

Generally for LED grow light, the delivery time is 3-5 days for sample orders; for bulky orders, it will take 20 days more or less.